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Ricky is a rehabilitation specialist. His rehabilitation clientele consists of paraplegics, patients with missing limbs, diabetic patients,  hypertension patients, sleep apnea patients, wheel-chair bound patients, bedridden patients, stroke victims, and so many more conditions.  Ricky believes that everyone, regardless of their disability or situation, has the ability and potential to change their life completely through health and fitness by using “Commitment and Discipline” to accomplish their goals. Ricky is ready to help anyone and everyone live their best life. All you have to do is show up to your appointments and put forth effort, and he will do the rest. Fill out the Road To Success Form or call him today to schedule a consultation specifically for you. 



If you are an aspiring athlete looking for the perfect coach or trainer, you need to call Ricky Moore! Ricky is a professional bodybuilder with more than 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. He has a lot of experience with boxing and track and field. His motto for every client is, “If you give me Commitment and Discipline, I will make you a CHAMPION!” If you’re ready to become a champion, fill out the Road To Success Form or pick up the phone and call Ricky TODAY!

 Pricing For One-On-One Personal Training

  • 30 minutes is $40/session
  • 60 minutes is $65/session



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Milton Athlete & Rehabilitation Training


“Great experience with Mr. Moore!”

Albert W.

“Ricky Moore is an awesome trainer!”

Nicole M.

“Great team here! Ricky really knows what he’s doing and specializes in getting results! I love it here!

David R